“Outing” a pen name for the kinkier side | Author Shannon Mayer “Outing” a pen name for the kinkier side | Author Shannon Mayer

“Outing” a pen name for the kinkier side

Yes, that’s a long title for a blog but I’d bet it got your attention.

I realize my Shannon Mayer name brings a certain level of confidence in my readers. You pick up one of my books and you can guarantee you’re going to get action, adventure, heart pounding moments and in inability to put the damn thing down even at three in the morning. You get strong, kick ass women who are talented with weapons and fighting and always dive head first into battle.

But the truth is with all the ideas I have, they just don’t all fit in that brand. I decided to let myself play with some of the new ideas that cropped up and started a new pen name on the side. I let the sex scenes flow, explored the softer side of women who maybe really needed the men to save them, and to allow for a fair bit of humor (maybe even some silliness) that just doesn’t ride as well in my UF. Not to say that there are no funny moments in my urban fantasy (Just think about Alex in the Rylee Adamson books) but the topics are way more serious. Saving the world is off the top of my head.

Whereas my paranormal romance is just more . . .fun. Sassy. Sexy. Silly. They are meant to be a true escape that leaves you with a smile on your lips, and maybe a smile on your partner’s lips too 😉 And they were an escape for me, trying something new, and seeing that I could find new readers in a different genre and still make their day with my words.

So . . .without further ado, let me introduce you to Emma Dawn, and ‘her’ Stairway to Harem series.

cover Harem of Fangs cover Harem Of Wolves

Harem of Magic Amazon2 cover harem of souls

Want to check the books out? They are available on Amazon and through the Kindle Unlimited program ☺

My next blog I’ll tell you just WHY I chose this particular topic and why I decided to ‘out’ this pen name when I did . . .more secrets are coming!

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6 years ago

I am so excited to embark on this new and different journey! I have already read some samples and will definitely be purchasing the books!!

Cynda Hollenbeak
Cynda Hollenbeak
5 years ago

Love the frist one and loving second one. Thank you I need this. Lol.

4 years ago

Sounds really good.

4 years ago

Fabulous! I love the idea and I love your books! I’m sure this new path will be equally as capturing as all your other books!

Arlene Rocki
Arlene Rocki
4 years ago

When will book 6 of the desert cursed series be available? Thank u.

3 years ago

You are by far my favorite author . I’ve read every thing I’ve found by you and never been disappointed. Thanks for the stories.

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