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General FAQs

So, I asked you all what you wanted to know and WOW did you come up with some GREAT questions!

Do we pay you enough to write full time?

Yes, I am a full time writer, which is good news for my readers. Before you ask, I do write everyday, splitting my time up by writing first thing in the morning and then again at night after my little guy is in bed.

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When will your latest release be available in print?

Print takes longer to format than digital. The book must be edited and proofed before print formatting can begin. Once print formatting is complete, I have a page count to give to the cover artist so that they can determine the size of the spine for the cover. So print will always be released a week to two weeks after digital, depending on the speed of the cover artist.

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How many Rylee books are there going to be?

There are going to be ten Rylee books in total, with two novella’s to help fill in the blanks. As much as I’d love Rylee to go on and on, I’m a firm believer in ending the series when it needs to be ended.

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Who do you want to play Rylee and O’Shea in the Priceless movie?

Check out the IF LIST and you can see all the people suggested to play a multitude of parts. It’s really cool, and you can vote to have Priceless and Rylee come to life!

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If you had $1M that you could donate to charity, which causes would get your money and why?

  • Directions –  check out their website – an outreach program for kids and family’s on the street. My younger sister went through a very rough patch where she struggled with so many things including addiction, and Directions was a place she could go and be safe. It was one of the few places we knew where to find her during those years.  
  • The Downtown Eastside Women’s shelter – check out their website – and other shelters like it. In my own family there has been a lot of abuse against women and I’ve always felt that supporting women’s shelters wherever you live is such a simple way to help improve another person’s life. A donation can be anything from some bar soap, a new pair of socks, or a small amount of money. It all helps, and helps those women feel as though they are not alone.  
  • The Boxer Rescue societycheck out their website – Well, this cause is simple for me. There are a lot of animal rescue organizations out there, but the Boxer Rescue Society is one that I’ve worked with and lost my heart to one of their special dogs. 

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What is your Favorite TV Show and Movie, and why?

Favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. I love post apocalyptic stories, but the beauty of this show is how much growth the characters go through. And Daryl, I can’t forget Daryl. :0) Favorite Movie right now is The Hobbit. I always love seeing a book brought to movie format, some work, some don’t. But I especially love seeing a fantasy book brought to life. It gives me hope that maybe one day we’ll all get to see a rendition of Alex.

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When is the next book coming out?

I’m aiming for a new book every 2 months on a consistent basis. They might not all be Rylee stories, but for sure I will keep them coming. Keep an eye on my Books Page under “In the Works” to see what’s coming up.

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When and why did you start writing?

I started writing (or at least pretending to) very young. The why of it is probably like a lot of other authors. I had all these characters and situations they’d get into running around in my head. Then the minute I started to write their stories, more would show up and then even more. It’s like a disease, with no known cure!

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Do you have any pets?

One brindle boxer dog, one crazy outside cat, one Arabian mare, and a dozen or so black angus cattle. Actually there is one red angus cow, she’s mine and her name is Ophelia. I’ve saved her life 3 times and she’s a real sweetheart.

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Which book of your own do you like the best so far?

I tend to like the one I’m working on the best, no matter which book it is. Basically that means every month or two my favorite work changes.

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What is your favorite Book by another author?

This is hard. Two books come to mind. Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (the first Epic Fantasy I read) and Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey (a lush alternate history with a touch of magic and heavy dose of naughtiness). But there are SO many others. I love Brandon Sanderson, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, and a whole slew of Indie authors. But if it’s just two, then those at the top are the two I’d pick.

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Just how many of us have to buy books for you to get to go out and meet some of us?

Having just had a baby in 2014, I think it’s going to be a bit before I venture out. I’m a bit of a homebody to be honest and I tend to stick pretty close to the farm. Which of course means more books for all of you!

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If you were on an deserted island with your characters and you had to choose one to eat first, who would it be and why?!

Oh. My. God. Really? Okay, if I had to eat one of my characters, it would have to be Eve. She’s a giant bird, I’m guessing she’d taste like chicken. ROFL, what a question!!

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What is a typical day in the life of Shannon Mayer like?

A typical day for me has changed a lot in the last year. Now it always starts by 7, up with Little T and I spend a couple hours with him getting him fed, dressed and happy. Then Big T takes over the childminding duties and I disappear into the office to work. I work till 12 or 1 and then take back over with Little T. Rest of the day is spent with my little guy and then once he’s in bed I’m back to working on whatever project is current.

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Both your books and those within the genre focus on extraordinary abilities wielded by some kind of conflict to make something amazing happen. Where do normal people start to make something amazing happen with no extra resources?

Okay, this is what I think. If you want to make something amazing happen, you have to start with a simple precept. Believe you can make something amazing happen. People fail all the time, mostly IMHO, it’s because they give up, they don’t believe and so they fall down before they even have a chance to see that they can change things. For us normal people, it will take longer than the ‘amazing’ people you see in a book, that much I know. But it can happen, you can bring about change in amazing ways. From my own experience fighting to become a writer full time (not easy as a traditionally published author, never mind an Indie like me) I’ve learned that you just have to believe. Have faith, fight for what you want, and never give up. That is the way you will see amazing things come about.

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All of your series of books are so different from each other, I always wondered where you get your ideas from?

I get my ideas from just about anywhere and everything. Each book though stems from my own beliefs about love, family, and loyalty. So with Mara and Sebastian in Sundered, it was all about is love strong enough to keep a couple together when one is becoming a monster? Of course you could look at this in a physical or non-physical sense but it was an important question for me to pose. With Dark Waters it was all about the bond between sister and/or siblings. How far would you go to save your baby sister? For me, the answer was easy, even though it made Quinn’s journey very difficult. And with Rylee, it was if you were abandoned by your family, punished unjustly for something you’d never done, could you still do the right thing? Would you still believe in yourself enough to make the right choices, even when they hurt?

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