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FAQs for Authors

I get questions all the time from authors who are new to the game and looking for some direction with their budding careers. I wish I could take the time to individually answer ALL of your questions, but that just isn’t possible. So here’s some info that should help!

Do I need an editor?

Yes! Please, hire at LEAST one editor and if you can afford to, hire two, plus a proofreader. You need these people to help you develop the best product you can, and that costs money.

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Where do I go to find an editor?

One of the best sites to start at is Preditors and Editors from there you can find a stinking TON of editors, with reviews on them and their companies. From there, email the editors, ask them lots of questions and MOST of them will do a sample edit so you can see their style. Try a couple of them, compare the notes and see which ones work with your style. 

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How do I find an agent to query?

There are lots of lists out there, BUT here are two from my blog on agents I found when looking at the traditional route.

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Who does your cover art?

Damon at does all of my cover art, and he is the BOMB. Check out his custom covers, as well as his pre-designed covers. They are off the hook! That is all I have to say about that.

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How do I get started with my novel/poetry/non-fiction manuscript?

This is a huge question, one that encompasses SO MUCH. If you can, find (or start) a local writers group that will give you a support network full of people who have the same interest as you and no doubt can help you get going. If that isn’t viable, here are a few websites that will help you get started:

  • Writer’s Digest – Great site full of EVERYTHING you could ever want to know, contests, advice, tips, and so much more.
  • Publishers Weekly – Stay in the know on the industry that you’ll be taking part in. Information about new agents, publishing houses accepting queries, and new programs available to authors.
  • The Newbies Guide of Publishing – This is the man who has been there, done that, and wrote a blog on all of it. The Newbies Guide to Publishing is a must read for authors whether they are new to the industry or not.

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Can you read my manuscript and tell me what you think?

I wish I could, honestly I love to read, and love to help others develop their stories. But I’m no editor, and I just don’t have the time if I am to keep up with the schedules I have for my own writing. BUT, I do have some suggestions. Beta readers are a great help in this area, and can give you feedback BEFORE you shell out money for an editor. Still stuck? Check out this post with info on Beta Readers: How to find a beta reader

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If I send you an email/letter/message, will you answer me?

Whenever possible, YES! I love to hear from my readers, love to know that you are enjoying my stories and will always do my best to personally answer you.

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Can I be a beta reader for you?

Right now, I’m full up on my team members. So at this time, I will not be taking on any more beta readers.

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How do you market your books?

I took the time to read, try, and make mistakes and I encourage you to do the same. This took me YEARS, but it was worth it in the end. In my opinion, the best way to figure out what works for your books is to experience different types of marketing. BUT, if you are nervous or not sure where to start, here are THREE free books on the subject!

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Can you tell me what the secret is to becoming successful in this business?

Please see my previous answer to this and then check out my blog post covering this very topic HERE.

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Where can I find information on writing careers? 

Try this site, they have lots of information and can give you some directions to look into!

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