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A Savage Spell

A Savage Spell

Book 4: The Nix Series

As the boogeyman to the underworld, Nix isn’t afraid of dying.

Yet this time, it’s not about dying. It’s about escaping with her mind intact. 

I thought I’d finally stepped away from the madness of the underworld, away from the Abnormals, away from all those who would do me and those I love harm.

The world though had different plans.

And now I’m trapped, not only physically, but inside my head. 

Those who have me caged say none of it was real.
That I’m not a highly trained assassin of Abnormals. 
That I have no family. My children do not exist.
That there is nothing supernatural about this world.

If they are right, then I’ve been crazy all along. I’ve been stuck inside of my head all these years, living a fantasy.
If they are right I am not the legendary Phoenix.

If they are wrong . . .then that means there is a new game afoot. 

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