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A Killing Curse

A Killing Curse

Book 5: The Nix Series

One last time, the Phoenix will rise, and her flames will savage all who stand between her and those she loves…

The game is afoot, and I never saw it coming. A game of demons, angels and new breed of abnormal that is beyond anything else I’ve faced. A monstrosity that is bent on destroying every other abnormal on the planet. Only one thing can stop those who would wipe us out. A cursed weapon. Created by a person who has been dead a long time.

With an impossible task at hand, I can no longer face the darkness on my own. Even for me, the Phoenix, I need people at my back and my side.

The clock is ticking as my team and I race to find the curse, the weapon, and the final pieces that will save the world. And when the darkness rises to consume us, I will have to face my greatest fears.

Will I survive my own flames, or will I burn the world and my own existence up to save those I love?

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