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Book 2: The Nevermore Trilogy

Anniversary Edition

My name is Mara, and I want desperately to become a mother.

Nevermores – a human, but feral and lethal creature with a thirst for flesh, have arisen from the ashes of human hope. Now co-inhabitants in this new world, I am gaining ground in my understanding of them just as I am forced to face a new threat from the local militia.

Led by a man with a taste for torture and a love of suffering, Sebastian and I are confronted with the seemingly impossible obstacle of escape. Caged and kept from our allies, our opportunities for freedom dwindle.

There is only one way to save us both. I am forced to unearth and embrace the dark side of my heart. I must decide who is the more dangerous enemy; the Nevermores or what remains of mankind.

I am bound to fight as though I am one of the monsters I hoped I’d never become.

This anniversary edition is now a full length novel with brand new scenes, additional points of view, and 35,000 extra words.

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