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Book 6: The Elemental Series

My name is Ash, and I am an Elemental.

As an Ender, it is my place to protect the royal family at all costs. Despite being the best Ender our world has ever beheld, I have failed time and again as the personal sacrifices continue to mount.

Lark has been banished to the desert by her father who is blind to the manipulation he has again fallen prey to. To bring about justice, I must seek out and destroy the one who intentionally wields her powers to bring pain to my people.

Cassava’s death will finally free us from the dark cloud her reign of terror has surrounded us in. This is what I believe to be true and I will seek her out with only one intended outcome.

The reality, however, is much more complicated than my beliefs.

When lies turn to truths, and enemies to allies, can I still find my way back to who I once was? Uncertainty makes me hesitant, but I can not give up.

For justice. For Lark.

No matter the sacrifice.

What people are saying

“For that, the heart beats on, gaining in strength as it gained in purpose.” Strong words that show Ash’s commitment to Lark. It was so good to read Ash’s story and hear his emotions in his own words. His feelings for Lark will carry him far, and give him what he needs to make it through.

“His journey starts with the loss of the woman he loves, an attempted coup, and leads to a visit to somewhere never experienced before. Even thinking you know how this ends, you won’t see how.

“Powerful story in Ash’s voice, letting us know some of what occurred after the banishment and pulls together clues received in Lark’s story. Not a stand alone, you need to be reading the series to understand how important Ash’s story is. If you haven’t started the Elemental series, do it now!

“Shannon Mayer is a talented author who never disappoints. The characters are strong (and like to kick butt!), the action flows, and the suspense keeps building. If you enjoy fantasy, this is a no miss series!”

– Reviewer

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