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Wolf Bite

Wolf Bite

Book 2: The Blood Borne Series

My name is Rachel Sambrook, and I thought I understood the world …until I discovered the world is full of living, breathing, monsters. 

When I teamed up with Lea, I thought we stopped the experiments on the vampire blood. 

All we did was open a can of wolves, we had not expected. The clues we find take us halfway across the world and to my irritation, leave us depending on two men.

One, a werewolf who has his own set of secrets.

And the other a Cazador like Lea . ..only this one is human. And more tempting than I’d like to admit. 

The only way to win this new fight will be to trust one another. If we don’t, then none of us will survive the bite that is coming…

“Wolf Bite” was originally released under the title “Replica”.

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