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The Culling Trials: Book One

The Culling Trials: Book One

Book 1: Shadowspell Academy Series

You Dont Choose The Academy. The Academy Chooses You.

I had no idea how those words would change my life. Or how theyd changed my life already

Until the day the most dangerous man Ive ever met waltzed onto my farm and left us a death sentence.

In an invitation.

My younger brother has been chosen for the prestigious, secret magical school hidden within the folds of our mundane world. A place so dangerous, they dont guarantee youll make it out alive.

If he doesn’t go our entire family will be killed.

Its the same invitation my older brother received three years agothe same place he mysteriously died.

The academy has already killed one sibling. Ill be damned if they take another.

I do the only thing an older sister can: chop off my hair, strap on two bras to flatten the girls, and take my brothers place.

Magic and monsters are real. Assassins are coming for me, and the dead are prone to rise. Whats a girl faking it as a boy supposed to do? Thats rightbeat the academy at its own game.

Or die trying.

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