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Blind Salvage

Blind Salvage

Book 5: Rylee Adamson Novels

My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker.

Crossing into Ogre country is dangerous when you’re a polite, respectful gal. Which means I already know I’m in for a wild ride, despite the back up I’ve brought along.

Even when things start to go sideways, and enemies close on us from every side, I still believe we have the upper hand.

How very blind can one person be when it comes to a salvage?

I’m about to find out.

What people are saying

“This installment felt like a carefully honed edge. Past occurrences clicked, future possibilities were divulged, and the protagonist’s road to date albeit winding, no longer seemed as though it was simply luck. . . this series has come together in a rather dramatic way I might add. I was ecstatic with the amount of face time that fans got to take in, and that was the push I needed to sign my name on the dotted line to be counted among Rylee’s ride-or-die.!”

– Rabid Reads

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