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A Crown of Petals and Ice

A Crown of Petals and Ice

Book 3: Honey and Ice Trilogy

Full Blurb Coming Soon . . .

Shannon: ONE LAST THING! See, it’s here.
Kelly: OMG. You made them come all the way over here?

Shannon: One last thing, I said on the ‘not-quite-a-blurb’ for book 2. This is book three. The last thing. Get it?
Kelly: You know, they probably are wondering what we’re up to. (Also that was a terrible joke)

Shannon: I just know that this is probably my favorite cover.
Kelly: But the twistiest of the three books.

Shannon: Oh, totally twisty. >Laughing<
Kelly: > Snickers < There is going to be a lot of gasping going on.

Shannon: All the gasping. I can’t wait!

Coming January 2022!

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