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Kingdom of Storms

Kingdom of Storms

Book 8: Desert Cursed Series

Looking to rescue dragon hatchlings? Check.

Piss off a demon in the process? Check.

Have my mate stolen by a raging psycho who wants his babies? Damn . . .

I, Zamira “Reckless” Wilson, do solemnly swear I wanted a vacation from trouble. The problem is, trouble did not want a vacation from me or those that I love. We managed to pass the first test set out for us by the desert goddess on our path to finding the dragon hatchlings. Of course, that meant I really have the eye of Asag, the Beast from the East, on me now.

Maks has been taken by a woman known as the Storm Queen. As her pet and possibly as her baby daddy. So instead of going after the second step that would take us closer to Asag and the dragons, I am racing south to the Sea of Storms to rescue Maks.

Queen or no queen, I am not giving up on my mate.

But like all things in my life, nothing is going as planned. I’ve ended up with another Jinn to deal with, a five-year old shifter who loves to call out my cursing, and a detour that takes me away from Maks.

The clock is ticking, and we are closing in on the players that would stop us from making things right . . .if only my black cat bad luck would ease off, we’d be good.

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