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Midnight Rides

Midnight Rides

An Anthology

8 INTENSE tales of horror, urban fantasy, love, fear and otherworldly creatures!

  1. An assassin disturbed after a kill shows why that’s not a good idea.
  2. A mind reading dragon, talking fox and sassy girl take on a weather demon bent on their destruction.
  3. Nightmares spill over into real life and blur the line between waking and sleep.
  4. The Chronicles of Sin: Gluttony, an excerpt.
    What happens when the seven deadly sins want to quit?
  5. A heartbreaking love story of a man, his dead wife and the horse that stood between them.
  6. Priceless, an excerpt.
    Children who go missing without a trace are tracked by one with supernatural abilities.
  7. A hiking trip leads to an alien abduction.
  8. Cursed, an excerpt
    A family bound by a wicked Curse seeks a way to break free, even if that means employing a bad ass demon.

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