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Shannon Mayer

Glitter – The Golden Wolf Book 2

2: The Golden Wolf

About the Book

I thought that my biggest problem was a curse that turned me into a golden retriever instead of a wolf.

Then I accidentally took on a second curse that bound my fate to that of the world’s. If I die, everyone else goes down in flames too. Ragnarök is now in my hands.

Great. Talk about pressure I don’t need.

Did I mention everyone trying to kill me?

My mate.
My brothers.
My mother.
What a clusterfluck.

Add in Loki, Freya, and a host of the Norse pantheon to the mix, each one trying to manipulate me to follow their own plans, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos.

What’s a girl to do?

Find a new path that no one expects, and run straight into the arms of disaster.

Or as some might call it….straight into the arms of Havoc.


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The Glitter Audiobook will be released in fall of 2023

Narrator(s): Amy Landon
Runtime: 7hrs 30mins

The Details

Published: 2023
Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
Genres & Tropes
Slow-burn romances, found family, forced proximity, secret identity, 'touch her and die', fairy tale retelling, dark fantasy