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Blood of the Lost: Alternate Ending

Not available for sale anywhere!

Blood of the Lost
The Rylee Adamson Novels
Book 10

***Follow the directions below, DO NOT check the box marked “Let the author contact me about…..”. Leave the box UNCHECKED or your request will not go through.***

Click HERE and choose the format you’d like the book sent to you in. When prompted, enter this password:

Rylees Farewell

  1. If you cut and paste the password, DO NOT include any blank spaces at the beginning or end or it will be rejected.
  2. Enter your name and email, but DO NOT check the box about the author being allowed to contact you. It’s in small print just above the submit button. Leave this box UNCHECKED.
  3. You will then receive an email with your book attached in the format you chose! It’s that easy and it’s FREE and ONLY for you!

***Having trouble receiving, downloading or accessing the alternate ending? Just click HERE to request support.***